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Intel® Core™ i5-12450h

Arc™ A730M 12GB

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Mini PC Gamer Intel® Core™ i5-12450 3.3-4.4GHz, DDR4-3200, 1 x SSD M.2, 1 x 2.5" HDD/SSD SATA, Arc™ A730M 12GB, Wifi, Bluetooth®, 3 x USB-C, Windows 11 Pro Discover the HN2473, a ready-to-use mini gaming PC , a powerhouse for demanding gamers . With its Intel® Core™ i5-12450 processor and Arc™ A730M 12GB graphics card , this mini PC offers cutting-edge performance and stunning 4K graphics on multiple screens. Its versatile connectivity, compact design, make it the ideal companion for an immersive gaming experience. Also, enjoy a 2-year warranty and technical support for worry-free gaming . Dive into the action and dominate your opponents with the HN2473.

Minisforum is a Chinese brand that specializes in producing desktop mini-PCs since 2012. The company quickly made a name for itself in the mini-PC market by offering quality products at competitive prices. The Minisforum mini-PCs have been designed to provide exceptional computing experience while being compact. They are equipped with latest generation processors such as Intel and AMD, as well as integrated graphics cards and chipsets from Intel, Nvidia or AMD Radeon for optimal graphic quality and processing power.


Mini-PCs with the Best Value for Money

The product range offered by Minisforum is available in several configurations, with processors ranging from Celeron to Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen, as well as a variety of storage options ranging from traditional hard drives to SSDs or combinations of both. Minisforum mini-PCs are also equipped with a large number of ports and connectors for easy connectivity with all types of devices, such as USB 3.0 ports, USB-C Thunderbolt, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, and Wi-Fi.


Designs silent and energy-efficient mini-PCs

Most models come with quiet fans to allow for noiseless operation. Minisforum mini-PCs are also eco-friendly due to their low power consumption. They are highly versatile and can be used as desktop computers, media players, gaming platforms, or even as servers. Their small size also makes them suitable for use in restricted spaces or for use on-the-go.


Stylish and compact mini-computers, easy to carry.

The Minisforum mini-PCs are also stylish and unobtrusive, with quality brushed aluminum or plastic enclosures. The dimensions vary from model to model, but they are all compact and easy to carry. With their wide range of configurations and prices, Minisforum mini-PCs are suitable for all budgets and needs for those looking for a compact, powerful and versatile computer solution.