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Screen 23,8 inches Full HD

Intel® Compute Element U

Barebone or Fully Configured

Price From €520.00
All-in-one PC, adjustable screen with VESA support, microphones, speakers and HD camera, Storage 1 x SSD M.2, 1 x 2,5'' SSD/HDD, Wifi, Bluetooth® 5.0 A screen with a powerful PC built into it that is perfect for business use . The timeless design , with its rounded and sober curves, will fit with the aesthetics of any workspace. If you feel that a desktop PC takes up too much space and a tower unit restricts your workspace too much, then the Loop is just what you need. It’s a full computer in the form of a simple 23.8 inch screen designed to fulfil all your office needs. Get rid of the cables that connect a PC unit to its monitor, because the Loop has built-in Wi-Fi .

This is a PC and monitor in one box, saving space and cables. It features an Intel® NUC Element U board that can include a processor (from Celeron to i7), RAM, graphics card and NVMe SSD storage. The PC/monitor combo computers offer desktop-like performance, yet are quiet. They are quieter and take up less space, as they have either a small fan or no fan at all. This makes them an ideal professional office tool for public-facing reception areas.