Meta 11
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Fanless Industrial Mini PC for Industry
  • Fanless Industrial Mini PC for Industry
  • Mini computer resistant to extreme temperatures, hot and cold
  • PC can work 24/7
  • A computer made for dusty environments


A Gateway to Harness IoT Data

The Meta 11 is much more than just a fanless mini PC. It serves as a true gateway to harness IoT data. With the proliferation of connected devices, it is essential to efficiently manage and analyze the enormous volumes of generated data. Thanks to the integrated Intel® processors, the Meta 11 allows you to easily connect and aggregate wired and wireless devices, analyze real-time data, and process it locally or remotely. Don't miss any business opportunities and fully leverage the benefits of IoT with the Meta 11.


A Mini PC Designed for Harsh Environments

The Meta 11 has been specially designed to withstand the most demanding environments. With its fanless design and SSD storage, it is completely silent and extremely robust. You can rely on its performance even in extreme conditions, with an operating temperature range from -10°C to +40°C. Whether you work in industry, agri-food, construction, or other sectors requiring reliable hardware, the Meta 11 is here to meet your needs.


 Meta 11 a fanless mini PC for industry


 A fanless mini pc with VESA support to be hung on multiple surfaces



Enhance Your Communication with the Meta 11

The Meta 11 offers versatile connectivity to meet all your communication needs. With its multiple USB ports, you can easily connect different peripherals and optimize data transfers. Two video outputs allow you to drive two displays, facilitating dual-screen management. Thanks to its LAN port, high-speed network connection is simple and fast.


Don't miss the opportunity to acquire the Meta 11, the fanless mini PC that combines power, reliability, and compactness. Fully leverage cutting-edge technologies, manage your IoT data with ease, and enhance your communication with this versatile and high-performance mini PC.


Here are some specific examples of professional use cases for the Meta 11 :


Digital Signage Systems: Use the Meta 11 to create impactful dynamic displays in stores, shopping malls, or shop windows. Broadcast engaging multimedia content to attract customers' attention and promote your products or services interactively.


Industrial Monitoring and Process Control: With its robust design and reliable performance, the Meta 11 is ideal for industrial monitoring and process control. Use it to collect and analyze real-time data, monitor equipment status, optimize performance, and ensure efficient production.


Digital Signage Management in Transportation: Install the Meta 11 at airports, train stations, or bus stops to manage real-time digital signage. Broadcast information about schedules, delays, important announcements, and provide a convenient information source for travelers.

 A fanless computer for outdoor signage


IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings: The Meta 11 is ideal for IoT applications in smart buildings. Use it to connect and control sensors, security cameras, lighting or air conditioning systems, and ensure efficient management of energy resources and services for occupants.


Embedded Games and Interactive Terminals: With its graphics processing power and video outputs, the Meta 11 is perfect for embedded games and interactive terminals. Create captivating gaming experiences in arcades, amusement parks, or entertainment centers to delight your customers.


Industrial Automation: The Meta 11 can be used as an industrial controller for process automation. Connect sensors, actuators, and peripheral devices to manage and optimize automated operations in factories, production lines, or industrial facilities.

 A fanless pc withstanding dust and extreme temperatures



Logistics and Inventory Management: Simplify logistics and inventory management with the Meta 11. Use it to track goods movement, manage inventory, optimize delivery routes, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.


Security and Surveillance Solutions: The Meta 11 can be used as a surveillance center for security systems. Connect surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and other security devices to effectively monitor and protect commercial spaces, warehouses, or sensitive facilities.


Medical Control and Imaging Equipment: The Meta 11 provides sufficient performance to support medical applications such as medical device control or diagnostic imaging. Use it in clinics, hospitals, or laboratories to enhance healthcare and medical procedures.


Cutting-Edge Applications in Research and Development: The Meta 11 is a valuable tool for scientists, researchers, and engineers involved in research and development. Use it to run simulations, complex calculations, data models, or advanced analyses in fields such as physics, biology, chemistry, or artificial intelligence.

 A fanless mini pc with full connectivity


This is how the Meta 11 can be utilized in various professional domains to meet specific needs and offer powerful and versatile solutions.



Intel® Celeron® N5105 2.0 – 2.9GHz
4 Cores, 4 Threads, 4MB Cache


2 sockets Sodimm DDR4 2933MHz up to 32GB


Intel® UHD Graphics


SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe Gen 4


Intel® Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Intel® Wireless-AC 9462, Bluetooth® 5.0

I/O Ports

1 x Port RJ45, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2

2 x HDMI 2.1


2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1

2 x Jack 3,5mm

Power Supply

AC-DC 100-240 19V / 90W


135 x 115 x 36 mm


External 9-pin Front Panel Header


3 Years


Data sheet

Intel® Celeron® N5105
Dual LAN
Additional Storage 2.5
Processor vPro
SDXC Support
Max number of SSDs