13th Gen. Intel® NUC – Raptor Canyon

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Intel® NUC 13 Extreme ‟Raptor Canyon”

Intel® Core™ i5-13600K

Modular Components

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Mini PC Gamer Intel® Core™ i5-13600K, DDR5-4800, Storage 3 x SSD M.2, Intel® UHD Graphics 770, Wifi, Bluetooth® 5.2, 3 x Thunderbolt™ 4, Dual Lan, 750 Watts Transform your gaming experience with the Intel® NUC 13 Extreme Kit ! The Intel® NUC 13 Extreme Kit is the ideal solution for gamers passionate about incredible performance. With its compact design and unique features, it is the most powerful NUC ever created by Intel® . It includes an Intel® NUC 13 modular computing element with a 13th generation Intel® Core™ i5 CPU that offers exceptional performance, much better than older generations, thanks to its innovative hybrid architecture.

Discover the power of 13th generation Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon gaming mini PCs! Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional performance, designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts and demanding professionals. These mini PCs offer uncompromising computing experience, combining speed, reliability, and advanced features. Get ready to experience unparalleled performance with these incredible devices.


Mini PC gaming for Unmatched Performance:

The Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon gaming mini PCs are equipped with 13th generation Intel® Core™ processors, ranging from Intel® Core™ i5 to i9, offering unmatched computing power. Combined with DDR5-4800 memory, up to 64GB, you benefit from exceptional responsiveness and speed to handle the most demanding tasks without any slowdown. Feel the difference and enter a new dimension of performance.


Immersive Visual Experience:

With integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 770 chipsets, enjoy stunning visuals and exceptional visual quality. Immerse yourself in your favorite multimedia content with striking clarity and details. Be captivated by smooth and realistic visuals that bring your games, movies, and videos to life.

You can also add a next-generation long graphics card (triple ventilation) using the PCIe x16 Gen5 slots, transforming it into a powerful workstation or a compact gaming PC with unparalleled performance.


Multiple Ultra-Fast Storage Options:

The Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon mini PCs can be equipped with 3 ultra-fast 4th generation M.2 SSD storages. They allow you to back up your files, launch your applications instantly, and experience significantly reduced loading times compared to a traditional HDD. With this multiplicity of storage, you can manage your activities more efficiently.


Compact Design for Powerful Gaming:

These gaming mini PCs are designed to fit into any environment. Their compact and elegant design allows them to seamlessly blend into any space, whether it's on your desk or in your living room. Their small size does not compromise their power. Take them with you wherever you go and enjoy high-end performance wherever you are.


Advanced Connectivity for Gaming Mini PC:

Enjoy advanced connectivity with HDMI, USB, and Thunderbolt™ ports, allowing you to easily connect additional devices (keyboards, mice, headsets, etc.), displays, and other compatible accessories. Expand the functionality of your mini PC according to your needs and enjoy an even more comprehensive computing experience.

Also, enjoy reliable and fast wireless connectivity with Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 for your wireless devices.


Discover the power of Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon gaming mini PCs and choose excellence!


Gaming Computers for Ultimate Gaming Experience:

Thanks to their exceptional computing power, Raptor Canyon gaming mini PCs, coupled with a latest-generation Nvidia or AMD graphics card, will provide you with high-end graphics for very high frame rates. These mini PCs are designed to offer an immersive and smooth gaming experience. Dive into detailed virtual worlds and enjoy remarkable fluidity. With ultra-fast loading speeds and instant responsiveness, you won't experience any slowdowns and can fully enjoy every gaming moment. Whether you're a casual gamer or a gaming enthusiast, the Raptor Canyon gaming mini PCs will offer you an unparalleled gaming experience.


A Versatile Workstation for Demanding Tasks:

Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon mini computers are also perfect for creative professionals such as 3D designers, video editors, and graphic artists. Their advanced computing power and ultra-fast DDR5-4800 memory ensure smooth performance when running resource-intensive design software. Whether you're working on complex 3D projects, editing high-resolution videos, or handling large media files, these mini PCs are up to the task. With advanced connectivity, you can easily connect external displays, input devices, and other essential equipment to create your own powerful and customized workstation. Don't let any limits stop you in your creative process and opt for Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon mini PCs for optimal performance and productivity.


Whether you're a gaming enthusiast seeking an immersive gaming experience or a creative professional in need of exceptional performance, these gaming mini PCs are here to cater to your needs. Explore the range of computers now and discover the endless possibilities they offer. Don't wait any longer and bring your ideas to life with the power and versatility of Intel® NUC Raptor Canyon mini PCs!