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Intel® Core™ i5-1240P

Intel® Iris® X®

Windows 11 Home - 16GB LDDR5

Price From €855.95
Laptop 15.6’’ FHD, Intel® Core™ i5-1240P, 16GB LDDR5-5200, 512GB SSD M.2 Gen 4, Iris™ Xe Graphics, autonomie 16h, Wifi, Bluetooth® 5.1, 2 x Thunderbolt™ 4, 1.65Kg Intel® NUC M15 EVO Laptop Kits feature a premium-quality design and Intel’s latest processors and technology, giving users the do-it-all laptop for all-day work, study, and play.

We offer a range of laptops at the best prices based on Intel® NUC for all types of use. You will be able to find the laptop that suits your needs and usage. Equipped with the latest generation Intel® processors, SSD storage, full HD 1080P screens and the latest mobile technologies, they will meet all your expectations. Their sober, sleek and elegant designs are perfectly adapted to the professional world and will integrate into all work environments.


Office laptops for work

For businessmen, IAMNUC offers cheap laptops for office work. Lightweight computers that will be perfect for mobile users thanks to their great autonomy ensuring more than a full day of work without the need for recharging. Whether you're on a plane, train, public transportation, or coworking space, you can work for a long time with a level of performance similar to a desktop PC. Laptops suitable for students to produce documents, send emails, create PowerPoint presentations, browse the web, and more... With these laptops, you carry your office everywhere!

You can connect them to external devices like a video projector, through the HDMI port, to watch movies on larger formats more comfortably.


Powerful laptops for creating (and gaming)

We also offer high-end gaming laptops for gaming and creativity. They are better suited to the needs of creatives to perform 3D design, CAD, video editing, or photo editing, especially thanks to their powerful Nvidia graphics card, which is more powerful than an integrated graphics solution in a processor. With these gaming laptops, you can play all your games in HD and enjoy the graphic performance and screen quality. You get the performance of a desktop computer on a mobile computer that will accompany you on all your travels, whether for business or vacation.

"They also have a long battery life to extend your gaming sessions as long as possible without needing to charge.


What is an Intel® Evo Laptop?

Evo laptops with the Intel Evo certification ensure a better user experience. This certification guarantees performance, autonomy, and responsiveness! To obtain this certification, a computer must have certain specific features: a 12th-generation CPU, a microphone with ambient noise suppression, a Full HD webcam, Wifi 6E, a battery with at least 9 hours of autonomy and a charge of 4 hours of use in 30 minutes. It also allows for better fluidity between your laptop and its peripherals.


All of our laptops come standard with Bluetooth for your wireless peripherals and high-performance WiFi connectivity. The latest generation USB ports are very powerful and will ensure smooth operation of your peripherals. Charging is provided by a lightning-fast USB-C Thunderbolt port. Most of the laptops can be ordered with or without an operating system, some already having a pre-installed Windows operating system.