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Mini Gaming PC Intel® Core™ i7, Arc™ A730M 12GB
  • Mini Gaming PC Intel® Core™ i7, Arc™ A730M 12GB
  • A very compact mini PC perfect for gaming
  • 4k dual screen use with 2 HDMI ports
  • Small PC for doing video editing or 3d modeling
  • A Minis Forum PC with lots of USB, RJ45, wifi and bluetooth connectors

Extreme Gaming Power with this Gaming Mini PC

Take absolute control of your game with the powerful HN2673 Gaming Mini PC from Minisforum. Designed to deliver cutting-edge performance, this mini PC is ready to elevate your gaming sessions to new heights.

Experience unparalleled computing power with the Intel® Core™ i7-12650h processor, featuring 10 cores and 16 threads, as well as a 24MB cache. With a frequency ranging from 3.5 to 4.7 GHz, this processor offers lightning-fast performance for all types of games. With the HN2673, you'll be ready to dominate every battle.


Immersive and Realistic Graphics

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with the Arc™ A730M graphics card with 12GB of GDDR6 memory. With exceptional graphics performance, this card allows you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without compromises. Admire every detail of virtual worlds with up to 4K display quality on four screens. Get ready to be amazed by stunning graphics and breathtaking visual effects.


Powerful, compact, sober and elegant Minisforum gaming PC



Gaming mini PC with AMD Radeon RX 6600M, high performance

Versatile Storage to Meet All Your Needs

This Intel® Core™ i7-12650h Gaming Mini PC offers dual storage options to meet your specific needs. With its M.2 2280 PCIe x4 Gen 4 SSD slot, you'll benefit from ultra-fast transfer speeds and instant access to your favorite games and applications. Enjoy maximum responsiveness and reduced loading times for a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Moreover, the HN2673 is equipped with an optional 2.5-inch SSD/HDD SATA 3.0 6.0Gb/s slot. This gives you the freedom to add an additional hard drive or SSD to expand your storage space. Easily back up your files, record gameplay videos, or store your game library without compromises.

Whether you're a passionate gamer or a content creator, the versatile storage of the HN2673 allows you to customize your experience and meet your specific storage needs. Unleash your full gaming potential and never worry about running out of space again.


A Powerful Mini Computer for Content Creation

The HN2673 Gaming Mini PC is not just limited to gaming; it's also an ideal choice for content creators. With the Intel® Core™ i7-12650h processor and its 10 cores and 16 threads, it offers exceptional computing power for demanding tasks such as photo editing, video editing, or graphic design.

The Arc™ A730M graphics card with 12GB GDDR6 memory ensures high-level graphics performance, allowing creative individuals to visualize their creations with precision and detail, whether it's 4K videos or complex 3D renderings.

Additionally, with the ability to expand the memory up to 64GB using the 2 SODIMM DDR4 sockets, the HN2673 provides ample data processing capacity, enabling creators to work on ambitious projects without any slowdowns.

With its comprehensive connectivity, including USB-C and HDMI ports, the HN2673 also facilitates the transfer of large files and connection to external devices such as additional monitors, graphic tablets, or cameras.

The HN2673 Mini PC is, therefore, a smart choice for content creators seeking a powerful, versatile, and responsive tool to bring their ambitious ideas to life. Unleash your creativity and realize exceptional professional projects with this powerful Mini PC.


Mini-computer with multiple connectors and complete with front USB-C ports


Optimal Connectivity

The HN2673 Mini PC offers comprehensive connectivity to meet all your needs. With 3 x USB-C, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x HDMI, and RJ45 ports, you can easily connect all your essential devices. Moreover, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® support, you'll enjoy fast and stable wireless connectivity. Enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement for a limitless gaming experience. The presence of headphone and microphone jacks complements the already extensive connectivity of this Mini PC.


Compact and Elegant Design

The HN2673 stands out with its compact and elegant design. With dimensions of only 179.5 x 208.2 x 67 mm, it easily fits into your gaming space, whether it's on your desk or in your entertainment room. Its sturdy and discreet case houses all the performance you need without compromising aesthetics. This mini PC is the ideal gaming companion for demanding gamers.



A mini gaming PC that can also be a mobile workstation


Warranty and Support

Buy with confidence with the included 2-year warranty with the HN2673. In case of any issues, our dedicated support team is there to assist you and provide you with complete peace of mind.


The HN2673 Gaming Mini PC is much more than just a compact computer. It's a concentrated power designed to meet the demands of passionate gamers and content creators. With cutting-edge performance, stunning 4K graphics, versatile connectivity, and a compact design, the HN2673 offers an immersive gaming experience without compromises. Dominate your opponents, unleash your creativity, and dive into captivating action with this Gaming Mini PC that exceeds your expectations.

HN2673 - Intel® Core™ i7-12650h


Intel® Core™ i7-12650h 3.5 – 4.7GHz

10 Cores (6 P-Cores, 4 E-Cores), 16 Threads, 24MB Cache


2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets (up to 64 GB, 3200 MHz)


Arc™ A730M 12GB GDDR6


1 x SSD M.2 2280 PCIe x4 Gen 4

2 x 2.5" SSD/HDD SATA 3.0 6.0Gb/s


M.2 2230 WIFI Support(Wi-Fi,BlueTooth®)

I/O Ports


1 x Port RJ45, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A

2 x USB 2.0 Type A

2 x HDMI (4K@60Hz), 2 x USB-C



1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A

1 x USB Type-C

Microphone Jack x 1

Headphone Jack x 1


Power Supply

AC-DC 100-240V 19V


179,5 x 208,2 x 67 mm


2 years

2 Items

Data sheet

Intel® Core™ i7-12650H
Dual LAN
1 Port
Additional Storage 2.5
Gaming and Creation
SDXC Support
Max number of SSDs

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